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Now days every one is involved in the extracurricular activities because they help us to maintain our health and fitness and they are also a source of enjoyment. Youngsters are more interested in various adventurous activities. They are young and energetic and they want to get thrill ad adventure. These activities include biking, running, swimming, hiking, joking etc. These activities are important for having a healthy life style. Although these activities are constructive but they can become dangerous many time.


Reflective vests consist of safety clothing or covering in order to avoid any unexpected event. The main purpose of reflective vest is to protect the major body parts from injury. During running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking etc the people may lose their balance and can fall down directly on the road or any other material. This may lead to a severe brain or other body damage and in many cases death of the individual. reflective sleeves play their parts in such situations. They not only protect the individual but also minimize the damage. You may say that they are your life line or life saver.