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As you spend more time outdoors, and maybe you’ve even tried shooting once or twice, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that the jeans, or trousers you currently wear, are not really suitable for shooting in.

So, what do you need to look for when choosing the right shooting trousers?






1. Make sure that the trousers you choose are durable, and will last you for a good few years. You really won’t want to replace your trousers the first time you stumble through a thorny patch of ground, or because they got ruined due to the weather.


2. Having waterproof trousers will be important if you’re going out in all weathers, or don’t want to have to take separate waterproof over-trousers with you.


3. You’ll want to be sure that your new shooting trousers are thorn proof, so that you can comfortable walk through all sorts of terrain, without fear of being scratched, or ruining your trousers.


4. Pockets might be another consideration for you. You might be looking for trousers with several pockets so that you can carry all you need with you, or perhaps you’ll be carrying a bag for all your cartridges and other accessories.


5. You might already have a preferred brand, as you know their clothing fits you, offers the performance you need, and is durable. If don’t know what brand to try, try as many as you can. It might be that you don’t need to buy the most expensive shooting trousers to get all the features and comfort you need.