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It is a mystery almost as old as socks themselves, why do socks run away and leave their partners alone? Perhaps it is the work, long hours in a dark, dank environment surrounded by foul odors with leisure time spent only in the community of a dark sock drawer. Peaceful? Yes, but what about excitement?



So, should it surprise us that a sock filled with ambition, cotton and rayon wouldn’t try to find a way over the wall and seek the freedom of the open road? We have fashion shows filled with the latest styles of swimsuits and dresses, lapels and hemlines, even underwear and lingerie are welcomed on the runway. But what of the noble sock? Relegated to the back rooms, unappreciated and unloved, it is a sad existence to be lowly footwear, located as far from the brain as possible but always willing to travel.


That urge for travel is so strong in the sock that even if we do not hear the call ourselves, they do and will go on alone without us. No other article of clothing can claim that strength of character! Underwear hangs out in the worst neighborhoods and it makes them slothful and lazy.


Underwear would rather lie with us on the couch and watch football or be washed in the sink and hung over the shower rod. This is underwear with an undeserved attitude, queen of the nether regions, a queen while being sat upon, a queen indeed!