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The advent of Hawaiian Shirts has been due to the factor of high temperature in Hawaii especially during the summer months of June to October. The shirt has been created with light materials like lush Hawaiian fabric. The popularity of Aloha shirts started during its exportation in the United States mainland, when actors from the movie, “From Here to Eternity” used the shirts in some of their scenes. However, in Hawaii they call the shirts as Aloha Shirt.



During the times when the shirt is still known exclusively in Hawaii, the shirt didn’t have that matter of style that is associated with it. It is more of a representation about the condition of casual living in Hawaii which is characterize by being laid-back. But with the modern day, the change that has been linked to the shirt became more sophisticated. The Aloha Shirt is typically known for its fine textile that is comfortable to wear during the summer season of Hawaii. The shirts are also collared, it is often short-sleeved, and the trademark is, it is printed that comes in various themes from vintage to modern style and it is also popular for the lively and vivid colors.


Men and Women Shirts

The Aloha shirt that has been designed for women is cut in a lower fashion with a v-neck style while the lower hem is tailored straight; these Hawaiian shirts were not designed to be tucked in. Manufacturers and shops that sells women’s shirts are dominated by floral designs while the colors ranges from white, pastel to darker colors and its hues. The Hawaiian shirt for men is more varied in terms of design especially on the prints. Men’s Hawaiian shirts are also printed with flowers with large foliage, the colors of the print often compliments with other associated colors that were incorporated in the shirt. Most often, the brightly colored shirts that are marketed today have continuous prints of automobiles with a beach for a background; others come in prints of beverages and popular sports team logos that are made from various material like rayon, silk and cotton.