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Dress Shirt

A tailored dress shirt is an important feature of formal wear. But what are the features of a man’s dress shirt? What differentiates a dress shirt from any other shirt? A men’s dress shirt has 6 basic features, each of which will be discussed individually in this article.







Buttons are perhaps the most distinctive feature which makes a dress shirt a dress shirt. In order to be a dress shirt, it must open in the middle and have buttons running from the collar down to the waist. Every tailored dress shirt has at least seven buttons on the front, regardless of size. Some high end shirts will have eight buttons, but seven is the norm. Oftentimes shirts will also have buttons on the collar and cuffs, although this is not a requirement.




Another key feature of the men’s dress shirt is the collar. Having a collar is a must, however collar styles do vary. Some examples of collar types are: the Windsor, which has a wide spread at the edges and is named after the Duke of Windsor, a Straight Collar which has a very narrow spread between the edges of the collar, or the Tony, a highly formal collar which covers the entire neck as well as the knot of the tie. Some collars are also buttoned to the shirt; these are called “Button-down” collars.